ALG International Institute Of Technology is an ISO certified institution  with professional accounting trainers. This institution is envisaged to
equip aspirants with systematic knowledge and awareness in practical accounting by imparting result oriented training in manual and computerized accounting. The Academy could so far provide job placements to those who have completed our course. On completing the course, one can definitely realize that the achieved result explicitly outweighs the time and the money spent. The training is  programmed to provide vast knowledge in a wide spectrum ranging from trading, manufacturing, hire purchasing, financing, hospitals, schools, colleges etc.

Accounting Professional

Diploma In
Professional Accounting

Career opportunities

You could find work in companies ranging from small local practices to large international accountancy firms. You could also work as an inhouse accountant for a company or public sector organization such as a local council, although in this type of role you would usually be known as a management accountant.